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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Avril's Happy Ending

This show almost didn't make it to Malaysian shore due to some protests from some extreme religious organisation. Reason: Avril is bad influence and counter culture to Malaysian youth. She is too sexy for Malaysians' eyes too. (Insert eye rolling ceremony here!) Get real, people!

Anyway, to cut the long story short, the show was finally approved by the government to go on, despite the initial cancellation.

The sky was grey when I reach Merdeka Stadium.

Then it rained. People were seen running helter skelter to get free raincoats distributed by the organiser.

Wet or not...we fans didn't move an inch from out seat. Patiently waiting for the MF Princess herself.

Wet and evil?

The rain stopped when the show was about to start.

The lights in the stadium were switched off about 9:20pm and out came Avril with her unmistakable hit - Girlfriend. She looked sweet and decent. The sexy and counter culture accusations were totally unfounded!

The concert was fun. She certainly doesn't have the pipes of Celine Dion, which also hailed from Canada. She was OK but at times her vocals were drowned by the loud music.

So much for my happy ending!

Avril played the piano while singing When You're Gone. And of course the fans sang along with her!

Set List


I Can Do Better


My Happy Ending

I’m With You

I Always Get What I Want

When You’re Gone (Avril played the Piano)


Don’t Tell Me


Losing Grip

The Best Damn Thing

Bad Reputation (Video Montage)

Everything Back But You

I Don’t Have To Try

Runaway (Avril played the Drums)

He Wasn’t

Girlfriend (Remix) (Avril rapped)

Sk8er Boy

I bought a copy of the Best Damn Tour DVD sold at the stadium. It was not released yet then. RM40. A very good buy. I enjoyed the DVD more at home than in the stadium. Perhaps the rain had dampened the spirits. :)