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Monday, November 26, 2007

Whatever - En Vogue

(Bum, bum, bum) Anything you do, I crave it, baby, baby, baby...

Whatever (The Tumblin' Dice Extended Club Remix Feat. Ol
Dirty Bastard aka Ossirus)


RunWitMe said...

This song is requested by Shawn. Yes...I do have the 6 tracks CD single of Whatever. Featured here is track #2, extended club version.

Track List.
1) Album Version
2) The Tumblin' Dice Extended Club Remix
3) The Tumblin' Dice Radio Remix w/o Rap
4) It's ABout Love (Unavailable on LP)
5) Album Instrumental
6) The Tumblin' Dice Remix Instrumental

Please let me know if you want the rest of the songs. I can zip, upload and send the link to you.

Thank you for the goodies that you sent me. :D

misterpark said...

Would you happen to have the original mix of this song? Its very chill, and I m trying to find it...

Anonymous said...

@Runwitme.....i'd love to have all of the tracks from this single. would you mind uploading it?
please let me know. my email address is