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Monday, September 24, 2007

Bad - Michael Jackson

Im giving you on count of three. To show your stuff Or let it be . . .

Bad (Dance Extended Mix includes 'false fade')

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RunWitMe said...

I remember one sunny evening in 1987, the neighbourhood kids, my sisters and I were gathered in from of the TV waiting for the special premiere of Michael Jackson's BAD video. The program was brought to us by Pepsi. There had been lots of anticipation due to the great success of his previous album Thriller. Of course we were blown away by his nifty dance moves in his black leather garbs when his video was shown. It was so hilarious (but now a little embarrassing) as I recalled when we tried to dance like him after watching the show. We already mastered the Billie Jean "moon-walk" and it was time to do the crotch-grabbing dance! LOL.

I think BAD is a GOOD song. It's a fun, infectious and full with attitude. Love it especially when I am doing my hill trainings. This "false-fade" version is extra long with a very funky ending.

You know I bad! I'm bad! Really, really bad!

This CD single was bought in Japan.
1 Bad (Dance Extended Mix Includes "False Fade") (8:24)
2 Bad (7" Single Mix) (4:05)
3 Bad (Dance Remix Radio Edit) (4:50)
4 Bad (Dub Version) (4:05)
5 Bad (A Capella) (3:49)