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Monday, September 17, 2007

Secret Rendezvous - Karyn White

Alone in my room, thoughts of you in my head as I wait...

Secret Rendezvous (12" White House Mix)

p.s. Reuploaded to zshare.

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RunWitMe said...

I adore Karyn White. I remember I saw her MTV for the first time on TV1. She was doing "The Way You Love Me" on a program called Jendela Dunia. At that moment, I sorta fell in love with her sassy style and funky R&B music.

Her eponymous debut produced hit singles like Secret Rendezvous and "desperate housewives" anthem - Superwoman. I have that album in both cassette and CD formats.

Acknowledgement: Thanks to BW for sharing his Secret Rendezvous CD single. It contains this version of 12" White House Mix, Zanzibar Mix and 7" Edit.