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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Don't Let me Fall Alone - The Fan Club

Throwing caution to the wind, I admit this love I'm in if only you go with me.

Don't Let Me Fall Alone (Extended Mix)


RunWitMe said...

That's a picture of my Respect The Beat - Cassette. I dug it out from my forgotten piles of cassette stored in my parnets' house in my home town. This sure bring back lots of good memory. I am proud of Aishah, the lead singer from this group who made it big in New Zealand.

Aishah and The Fan Club, better known as The Fan Club or just Fan Club, were a New Zealand-based singing group in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The group released their first album Sensation in 1988, which spawned three number 1 singles in the New Zealand and Malaysian charts, namely Sensation, Paradise and Call Me.

Respect the Beat was released in 1990 with a free poster (sponsored by Pepsi). My favourite song from the album is "Color Me Blue" (sounds a little like Tell it To My Heart - Taylor Dayne).

The Fan Club was set to make it big USA with Respect the Beat album but the band's only single to make the US Billboard Hot 100 Charts was "Don't Let Me Fall Alone". The remixes for this song were among the most played dance tunes in clubs at the time.

Acknowledgment: Thanks to Judd's Lair....I am able to hear Aishah and The Fan Club again.

Anonymous said...

Wei Bradder, do you like Aishah's Malaysian's joint???

I remember when I was in NZ there were lots of Fan Club albums on sale at the 2nd hand shop!! I dont know - thought i mention it to built up the thrill of going there

Anonymous said...

loves listening to all of her songs. those songs were very catchy.. if i'm not mistaken the Bass player for this group is a guy named Paul Moss...

toriphile74 said...

oh my god.... hahhahaha... this definitely brings back memories... she later on became a successful solo female singer in Malaysia... :)