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Friday, October 19, 2007

Dreamlover - Mariah Carey

Dreamlover come rescue me. Take me up take me down. Take me anywhere you want to baby now!

Dreamlover (Club Joint Mix)

Dear H, Are you listening?...

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Anonymous said...

Oh My God!!! That is all that i can say. You are truly a blessing my friend. Your electic music collection, spanning from the big hair sound of the late 80's, to the sliky smooth vocals of the New Jack Swing tinged early 90's, has truly impressed me. The memories it brings back! As a dancer, i escpecially enjoy the extended dance remixes because they are oozing with creativity. Nonetheless, keep on doing what youre doing because just looking through your music collection has warmed my heart and lit a fire inside of me that wants to find as much of this old gold as i can. If you have any Paula Abdul mixes, please put them up as well. My email is
Shoot me a message if you come across anything juicy!!! Thanx!!! -Tenola