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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stars - Simply Red

I wanna fall from the stars, Straight into your arms...

Stars (Comprende Remix)


RunWitMe said...

Initially I thought Mick was singing "I hope, I hope you clap your hand" at the beginning of the song! It turned out to be "I hope you COMPREHEND".
It would have been great to clap your hands to this in the club, though! Heheh!

Stars was originally released in the 1991 album of the same name. It was not as successful as Simply Red's last single "Something Got Me Started".

I love this "Comprende" version, masterfully remixed to perfection by P.M.Dawn - with nice beats that swirl around Mick Hucknall's smooth vocal.

Carboman said...

i also got they compilation though not the remixes.

steven chester said...

thank you for the music!

boyzl1437 said...

Hey friend.
I'm agree with you cause I'm also posted this version!
Please check
Thanks!!! ^_^

RunWitMe said...

boyz, cool site. Thanks!