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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye? No..Let's Dance!

It was FUN FUN FUN all they way! Thank you for Genting Resorts for bringing the 80's back! I enjoyed the show very much and hope they will bring back more retro acts to Malaysia.

The 80's where life was carefree and the hairs are big! I miss those days! SOB!

The show ended but the party had just begun! The DJ amazingly brought back all those familiar tunes. Tunes that I grow up with. All retro hits back to back! I thought I died and gone to retro heaven. LOL!

Everybody was dancing..OK at least tapped their feet to the beat.

The hit list included Looking for A New Love, Coldhearted, Conga, How Will I Know, Together Forever, She Drives Me Crazy..etc. Party lasted till late!

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