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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Never Ending Story

Limalh stated the show about 8:30pm with "Too Shy", his hit from the group Kajagoogoo. Wowow! For a 50 years-old-guy, he looked damn good! LOL! His hair was still spiky even though it was not as big as in the 80's.

Limalh continued to entertain with "Ooh To Be Ahh", "Hang On Now", "Rio" (a tribute to Nick Rhodes for helping Kajagoogoo get signed on under the EMI label) and "Only For Love"

Limahl was energetic on the stage but he didn't make use of the stage like Paul Young did and just contained himself at the centre of the stage. I was hoping that he get closer to the sides so that I can get a good shot of him.

Limahl ended his show with "Never Ending Story". Of course the crowd sang along with him in unison. I got goosebumps! Suddenly I felt like a kid again! Hahah!

Click play: Limalh giving away free CDs and photos to the P1 audience. Me in P3 was blocked by the barricades and could only watch in envy.(Insert cry here!)

This lucky blogger managed to grab a Limalh CD. Could you rip it for me please???? Pretty please? Heheh!


Crabby Ashburn (Temasek-born Malaysian) said...

hehehehe.... wish most of us age as well as him... yeah.. never ending story... sigh.. only the young spirit within remains.. the spirit was willing.. the body's aching - not grooving and moving as we once could during the "Fame" days

RunWitMe said...

Hey crabby ashburn! Thanks for dropping by! Well, we can still tap or toes and snap our fingers, right?

slyn said...

He looks so young at 50. I was at PS2, can't go down, can't take picture... thanks for dropping by my page.