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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Party With All-4-One

What? ING Grand Prix VIP Party

Where? Pulse Ultra Club, Grand Millennium Hotel, KL.

When? 9pm onwards on 19 March 2008

What a party! What a night! I won two passes from a local daily, The Sun to attend the ING Grand Prix VIP Party which was held at The Pulse, an Ultra hip club in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. My friend Kevin also won himself two passes. So, it was really a party time for us....Oh yeah! It was Kevin's Birthday on that day as well.

Guest were entertained by local dance Diva - Camelia, Reshmonu and All-4-One, the highlight of the night.

All-4-One have piled on weights. Their harmonious vocals are still there I guess. Can't really judge with bad sound system.

They started with I Can Love You Like That, followed by a couple of new songs, a Stevie Wonder medley (see video), acapella rendition of So Much In Love, She Got Skillz and ended with everyone sing-a-long tune - I Swear! The new songs they performed were possible tracks from their new studio album. The songs are "Green Light" (No! It's not a cover of Beyonce's song ) and "The Most Beautiful Girl" (No! it's not a cover of Prince's song). How imaginative! LOL!

I don't think those new songs gonna make it as big as "I Swear" or "I Can Love You Like That".

I Just Called To Say...I Love You....(Please click play)

The crowd just love sing-a-long and turned this joint into a huge karaoke! LOL! Yours truly's voice can also be heard in this recording. (Insert blush here!)

I was quite disappointed when the Renault team drivers - Fernando Alonso, and Nelson Piquet Jr didn't turn up for the event. However, the third driver, Lucas Di Grassi came. (He's the one holding the mike..Not sure who the other bloke was)

The guys were very friendly when I approched them for photo and autograph. I managed to have a short chat with Delious. According to him, they are working on their 7th album aptly called 7 (wow! seventh already? Where have I been all these time? Heheh!!).

With the free flow of alcohols and great music, it was indeed a night to remember, I swear!!!!

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